Soul Frequencies is a collective wellness movement of talented professionals in the respective fields of healing arts, sound/frequency for health & wellness, and earth based medicines & therapies. Meet the Soul Frequencies collective and visit their personal websites for more details of their personal offerings…

Adam Myers

Sound healing practitioner, Massage Therapist, Kambo Practitioner, Ozone/Hydrogen Therapy Practitioner, Holistic Life Coach, Instrument craftsman, Co-Founder Soul Frequencies

Spending the better part of two decades working in the music industry as a recording engineer, Adam has an innate love for music and music/sound creation. Having spent many years studying various music forms and putting together an amazing assortment of specialty instruments he now offers unique sound ceremonies bringing together intention and an emphasis on 432Hz tuning.

A beautiful manifestation; bringing together the healing sounds of unique world instruments, with performing musicians/practitioners in the health & music arts, coupled with wholistic wellness practices, and genuine earth medicines.

Along with his practice in sound/frequency, Adam operates where he serves as a certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS), assisting with EMF inspections/surveys, remediation and education.
Adam is dedicated to the lifelong study of mind, body and spirit…

Divine connection, and directed intention to through resonance of sacred sound and earth medicines. As a certified IAKP Kambo practitioner, Adam offers the sacred practice of facilitating Kambo ceremonies for individuals and small groups. More information about Kambo can be found on his website

Samantha Ruth

Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Sound healing practitioner, Ozone Therapy Practitioner, Nutritional Coach, Quantum Healing Practitioner, Co-Founder Soul Frequencies

Originally trained in Swedish and Polarity therapy in Santa Cruz CA and has been deepening her practice in Craniosacral therapy and intuitive touch for 8 years. She offers a gentle, flowing touch that harmonizes and balances the physical and the energetic, combining deep tissue with myofascial release. During a session she provides a relaxing space for you to unwind ~ a dynamic dive into heart-centered presence to restore and renew your body, mind and spirit.
Her places of study include Cypress Health Institute, Milne Institute for Visionary Craniosacral, Esalen Institute, BodyMind Centering, Bodytalk Institute, and Quantum Mastery Healing with Divine Union Alchemy

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle method of assessing and balancing movements of tissue and bone in order to liberate subtle energy. A light, focused touch is used to sense cranial rhythms in the head, spine and sacrum and unwind strain within the musculoskeletal system, nervous system and fascial tissues. This process restores fluidity and harmony in all structures, inviting the body and spirit to express its full spectrum of potential and innate capacity for regeneration and health.

Samantha is available for in-home and private studio sessions throughout the Bay Area CA; Sebastopol/Sonoma, Marin, Santa Cruz, South Bay/Palo Alto, and at her shared studios near Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz CA and downtown Sebastopol. 

Samantha’s website:

Sam David

Shamanic Sound Healing, Instrument/Didgeridoo Craftsman

Sam is not your typical sound healing musician, as he is more of a “sound shaman” with an unparalleled mastery of a large range of sounds with his voice and sacred instruments including the Didgeridoo, Native drums, Crystal and Tibetan bowls, and other unique instruments like the Crystal pyramids. Sam was born in Hawaii and has traveled the world sharing the activating and healing power of sound for over 25 years. His vocals and sounds are channeled based on the energy he senses intuitively from the people and the space around him, with an intention for healing. He integrates powerful healing techniques from many different cultures including Tuvin throat singing, Tibetan monks, Native American sounds, Celtic Hymns, Vocal overtones and much more including the sounds of Whales of the deep.

Ruti Celli

An international touring cellist and composer currently shifting into the world of intentional sound healing.

RutiCelli is passionate about performance, sound vibration education and publishing music tuned to 432Hz (the “Harmonic Intonation of Nature”). In 2022 RutiCelli birthed “Intimate Cello”, an art and platform for self realization based on trust and inner guidance. The primary intention of this art is to invite people to catalyze their pathway towards deeper gratitude through connecting to their intuition. 

Amongst RutiCelli’s skills is the ability to channel her own essence through live compositions. Her intention for ‘devotional presence’ while channeling allows for deep healing, merging the ‘new earth vibration’ with humanity’s ever expanding consciousness.

Ruti’s invitation for all is to go within whilst vibrationally aligning with the earth. During these sonic activations, all are invited to receive this right-brain elevation as a promoter for individual and collective power growth possible through imagination, intuition, creativity and deeper cosmic connection.

Ruti Celli’s website: