Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Far infrared is very beneficial for the human body.  It penetrates deeply, causing the water of the body to vibrate and water clusters to break apart, making it easier to release and eliminate toxins.  By dilating capillaries, far infrared therapy can improve circulation and metabolism. 

Far infrared is a natural part of life and the body, is easy to absorb and can have a great impact on overall health.

The advantage of a Far Infrared Sauna Dome is that you can lie down, allowing for complete relaxation without the pressure sitting can cause in some people.  This is one of the reasons domes are so popular in clinics and spas.  Your entire body from the neck down is surrounded with therapeutic far infrared heat.

Far infrared an invisible part of the light spectrum, is a deep penetrating heat that inspires sweating at lower temperatures than conventional saunas. It absorbs easily and can aid in improving circulation and detoxification. 

Ozone therapy is used around the world because of its ability to neutralize bacteria and viruses and for a long list of other reasons. Put the two together and you have a great team. The sauna is ozone-compatible and features a port it fill the sauna chamber with ozone gas while synergistically gaining the benefits of of both far infrared and ozone therapy.

About the Far Infrared Sauna Dome

Improved exposure to far infrared: There are no dead spots in this sauna. The interior is covered with a heating element so your entire body is bathed with infrared. Because the element is closer to you, you are exposed to stronger infrared at the ideal wavelengths. It doesn’t dissipate over distance.

Lying down can be better: When sitting, gravity presses down on your body in a less beneficial way. By lying down in a dome sauna, you’re not only more relaxed and comfortable, but your nervous and cardiovascular systems are relieved and you don’t have the additional stress of maintaining proper posture.

Circulation, immunity and detoxification: Far infrared helps improve oxygenation and circulation, which promotes toxin discharge and the exchange of nutrients between cells. Higher body temperatures can cause immune chemical increases that can aid in improving general health and healing.