Sonic Smudging

Traditional smudging is the ancient ceremony practice in which you burn sacred plants (such as sage), to allow the smoke to clear and bless a space. Smudging is recognized to help clear negative energy, and reduce pathogens in rooms and spaces.

Soul Frequencies brings a new concept with the principals of smudging by clearing negative/harmful electrical energy (frequencies) from our ceremonial space; we named this practice “Sonic Smudging“. With specially designed radio frequency meters and electromagnetic field meters, we identify any Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), or Radio Frequencies (RF) that may be present and negatively effecting the immediate space and occupants.
By removing or turning off various communications devices like WiFi, cell phones, Bluetooth and other wireless communications devices, we are able to truly experience a sonically clear space. Without proper equipment we are not able to hear these broadcast frequencies (that negatively affecting our total field of space). In our “sonic smudge” we’ll use meters that will provide a visible amplitude measurement output to a video monitor and sonic signature of the signal we will be able to hear over the sound system.

Todays wireless devices transmit across a broad frequency spectrum that will be identified with these dedicated meters that will allow us all to see and hear representations of any radio frequencies that may be present in the space.

Cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc are not permitted in the ceremonial space. Any devices brought can be removed from the space or placed in the “Sacred Silence Medicine Chest”.

Once we have sonically smudged our ceremonial space, we are now ready to work with the many healing frequencies and instruments tuned to the resonant healing of A 432Hz.

The “Sonic Smudge” is a critical step that must not be overlooked in all of our personal resonant healing processes and building our “safe container”. Let’s give love and thanks to our resonant electrical beings, and provide a sonically clear space free from harmful EMF/RF. Let us all resonate to our highest frequencies!

Soul Frequencies operates jointly with to help you on your personal path of sonically clearing “smudging” your spaces.
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